Sharon Dye
Sharon Dye Consulting


Blending neuroscience, practical application, and over 31 years of experience made a client dub Sharon Dye “the CEO whisperer”. Sharon uses her talent to quickly separate symptoms from root causes, advise with practical solutions, and do so with an approach that respects the client’s strengths.

Her multi-faceted experience includes helping organizations identify the culture they need to maximize their marketplace success and ensuring employee engagement is robust, change management expert, executive coach, certified merger and acquisition advisor, and strategic plan development advisor.

Sharon’s proven success assisting corporations, departments, and individuals successfully implement and navigate change and realize a reduction in employee attrition and absenteeism and a rise in goal attainment resulting in an increase in employee morale.

She has a solid reputation for defining organization-centered strategies and goals, identifying roadblocks and how to overcome them, and improve overall organization performance.

Accustomed to handling sensitive, confidential information without violating privacy, she is known for the ability to give direct, helpful feedback respectfully.

Sharon’s proven ability to accurately identify barriers to goal attainment and how to move beyond them make her a consultant with international success.

Using Neuroscience to Skillfully Lead Change