Michael Cavallaro
Managing Partner
MJC Partners


Michael Cavallaro is the Founder and Managing Partner of MJC Partners, LLC, an independent investment banking firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and capital advisory services for companies in the financial services industry. Prior to founding MJC Partners, Mr. Cavallaro served as a Director at FIG Partners and Vice President at Hovde Financial, where he established a successful track record in structuring, negotiating, and executing an extensive number of transactions over his 10+ years serving institutional clients. Since founding MJC Partners, Mr. Cavallaro has performed the highest number of capital raises through private placements of debt and equity instruments for banks in the Western U.S. under $1 billion in assets and continues to rank as one of the highest performing M&A advisors for financial institutions.

Mr. Cavallaro received a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Economics from Bowling Green State University. A natural born entrepreneur, Mr. Cavallaro whole heartedly believes that a positive understanding of a clients’ needs will create relationships that lead to loyalty and support, a theme that has been demonstrated in MJC Partners’ track record since its founding in 2014. Mr. Cavallaro has long benefitted from a diverse skill set and a genuine interest in people that continues to build his widespread network of friendships and business partnerships.

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