Jontae James
CEO & Founder


Jontae is the founder of NatureTrak an enterprise risk management platform for financial institutions that bank the cannabis industry. He has consulted with government agencies to build track and trace solutions creating proprietary algorithms to uncover unusual or suspicious activity in supply chain.

Jontae has over 15 years in government & enterprise SaaS supply chain management. Prior to NatureTrak, he was Co-founder of Bluntli, a digital licensing platform in the cannabis industry which specialized in patient and entity license verification back in 2015. This was the first of several track and trace technologies to bring transparency and visibility into the emerging cannabis market. Jontae has led a boutique venture capital organization’s sales and marketing for early-stage start-ups.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship and launched a consumer-driven mobile app created to promote a more active, connected and productive employees called Your Out Of Office (YOOO!). Along with a community building solution aimed towards entertainment industry & media agencies to develop business partners to align resources with social media platforms - celebrity campaigns, political media campaign, news releases, events and promotions.

He holds a BA from University of St. Francis in business management.

Beyond EDD: AML Controls for Cannabis Banking