Jenny Redlin
Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.


With her strong background in environmental science, coupled with a deep understanding of the commercial real estate business process, Ms. Redlin has become the leading expert in all things relating to commercial real estate due diligence. She has gained valuable knowledge and know-how from having been personally involved in the details of thousands of real estate transactions for various client types, and therefore understands the specific needs and scopes of work required for all parties involved in a transaction. Ms. Redlin’s due diligence resume includes advising lenders and real estate investors on a wide gamut of due diligence. This knowledge allows her to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for a wide array of commercial real estate transactions.  Real estate investors, redevelopment agencies, financial institutions, insurance lenders, and real estate equity funds have come to rely on her advice and judgment to help them with their real estate business decisions.

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