Jamison Sites
Financial Services Senior Analyst


In May 2020, Jamison was selected as a senior analyst in RSM’s cutting edge Industry Eminence Program, which positions its senior analysts to understand, forecast and communicate economic, business and technology trends shaping the industries RSM serves. These senior analysts advise clients on conditions influencing middle market leaders. Jamison’s focus is on the financial services industry.

Jamison has more than ten years of experience providing consulting and international tax advisory services. He serves as an RSM subject matter expert on foreign tax credits and has significant experience with global effective tax rate management, supply chain restructuring and cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Jamison advises clients in regulatory matters such as competent authority requests, penalty abatement procedures and IRS examinations. He also serves as the firm’s blockchain and digital asset tax lead. In this capacity, he assists blockchain clients in determining the unique regulatory and tax consequences of their global operations.

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