Eileen Korey
Crisis and Media Strategist


After nearly two decades as a reporter, anchor and producer in print, radio and television journalism (specializing in business and health care reporting), Eileen Korey spent two decades leading organizational communications in health care and academia. She now focuses her communications counsel on helping individuals and organizations build and defend their reputations in the “court of public opinion.” She is a trusted advisor to CEO’s, Boards of Trustees, and organizational leadership, providing counsel that enhances image and strengthens brand. Eileen builds communications strategies and media relations teams, providing media training and preparing leadership for public presentations and media interviews that are both proactive in advancing brand and reactive to news and the management of difficult issues and crises.

Her role at RepUs is to immediately strategize and support clients facing reputation issues, including handling media scrutiny and social media engagement.

In her career, Eileen has helped organizations facing allegations of ethics violations, criminal misconduct, health and safety violations and labor disputes. She has dealt with crises involving senior leadership criminally indicted for taking bribes; the tragic death of a healthy patient in a clinical trial; the fatal crash of a medical helicopter; Title IX violations at a university; NCAA infractions threatening careers; and hospital and university presidents being removed from their positions by unhappy Boards of Trustees.

Eileen is a graduate of Princeton University, a member of the Press Club of Cleveland’s Journalism Hall of Fame, and the recipient of 6 EMMY awards.