Cass Stroehmer
Global Enablement – Customer Success​


As an Enablement Leader for the Customer Success department at nCino, Cass uses her love of employee training to help welcome new hires, cultivate knowledge, instill empathy, and drive engagement among her peers. As a musician, she’s had the opportunity to record multiple albums, play during SXSW, and contribute several songs to the multi award-winning gender equality documentary “Pioneers in Skirts.”

She received her BA in Multimedia from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, her MS in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, and is currently earning her PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership from the University of Arizona.

Being a Certified Professional in Training Management from, an nCino Certified Speaker, and a musical performer allows Cass the enjoyment and honor of sharing her voice and thoughts across multiple stages. Even in a virtual world, the interaction with an audience, she says, is always unique, priceless, and a story in and of itself worth experiencing.

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