WBA’s Social Impact Awareness Campaign
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In 2018, the WBA, in partnership with the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco,  launched their social impact awareness campaign designed to share with public the tremendous impact our member banks have in the communities they serve. The focal point of the campaign is the creation of a series of regionally focused videos designed to highlight these efforts and showcase the positive impact.

The video series can be viewed on our YouTube page here.

We have also created a collateral piece highlighting all of the stories that were featured in our videos on 2018.

We also have a second collateral piece, that we invite you to share with your team members and other leaders in your community, which highlights many additional organizations and projects supported by our members.

In order to make this campaign its most successful, we need you to join us and please share on social media examples of what your bank is doing to support your communities. When sharing on social media, please use #wemakeanimpact.

NEW Video Just Released! 

Watch our newly released video featuring our member banks support for BankWork$, an organization that helps young adults from low-income communities build meaningful careers in banking, through a free, eight-week career training, placement assistance, and ongoing coaching.

Click here to watch the video.