Verafin: Combating COVID-19 Crimes in the Cloud

Verafin: Combating COVID-19 Crimes in the Cloud

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted existing weaknesses in current anti-financial crime approaches and the inflexibility of legacy detection systems to keep pace with evolving criminal activity. The need for scalable, agile solutions that can quickly adapt to emerging financial crimes has never been more acute.

In this session, technology experts will demonstrate how Verafin’s behavior-based financial crime management platform leverages the power of the Cloud, customer partnerships and big data intelligence to rapidly adapt and respond to changing financial circumstances, helping you protect your customers from emerging fraud trends and efficiently manage AML compliance.


  • Solutions to prevent fraud on digital channels, including online account takeover and mobile deposit fraud
  • Enhancements to real-time wire detection to protect customers from COVID-19-related fraud scams
  • New targeted analysis to detect stolen stimulus payments through direct deposit
  • Fraud case management enhancements for effective reporting and tracking of COVID-19 cases and trends.

Amanda Dunn
Product Expert