Using the SBA 504 Program to Increase Income While Helping Existing Bank Relationships


This session is designed to give you tools to increase SBA 504 volume and lending capabilities for the bank. We will go over marketing techniques to use both offensively to win deals and defensively for lenders to maintain their banking relationships while still providing 504 financing to their clients. Tools include use of the SBA 504 1st mortgage wholesale market to help community banks beat stiff competition from both larger banks and 7(a) competition on a nationwide basis while earning fee income with no risk. Banks win by maintaining and gaining deposits, and earning premium. We will go over programs which enable lenders to increase their lending capacity, increase their credit box, and widen their choices of rates and terms offered to borrowers. The net effect is to increase lenders’ access to capital to expand financing options to small businesses.

Ken Rosenthal
Sr. Advisor – Lending, Education, & Training
CDC Capital Markets / CDC Small Business Finance