Using M&A to Solve the Deposit Dilemma in an Era of Rising Interest Rates


Community banks may not realize it, but the Federal Reserve saved the community banking system in the years after the financial crisis. But those efforts came at a huge price, and it’s time to pay up. While hidden, profound changes are lurking in banks’ balance sheets that no one is discussing. In this session, explore the only practical way to make a meaningful difference: a merger or acquisition. Andrew O’Keefe will explain why community banks must consider M&A as a solution to their balance sheet challenges and a looming deposit crisis. Learn how banks can use appropriate analytics to reveal the dangers they face and the actions they must take. As the Fed unwinds quantitative easing and increases interest rates, community banks will face an environment unlike anything ever seen before.

Andrew O’Keefe
Director, Mergers & Acquisitions
Invictus Group