United In Success


How to Unite your team and the front line using five core principles:

  1. Honor those who are not present [respect, trust]
  2. Seek to understand vs. being right [curiosity and humility]
  3. Own your world and let others own theirs (their world) [respect, ownership]
  4. Do your best work and believe everyone else is doing the same [trust]
  5. Be kind; work hard; have fun [“Golden Rule”]

When I began as the Chief Operations Officer my teams were fragmented, fighting, policemen and women, having forgotten their mission and the value they added to the organization. My leadership team and I develop our United In Success program to first bring us together as one team. Second, to show them their value to the organization. And thirdly, to build better relations and create more unity with our front line employees.

Rachel Gerlach
Chief Credit Officer
Alpine Bank