Securing The Future: Unmasking Cybercriminals and the Triple Threat Facing Business and You


A global pandemic. Unprecedented and unrelenting cyberattacks. Where you may see uncertainty, Theresa sees a future of technology innovation and hope. 

She knows a thing or two about pivoting on a dime and transforming people and technology to meet shifting and often conflicting priorities. From the server rooms of some of the biggest global banks to the Situation Room at the White House and now from inside the Fortune 500, she has a unique perspective on accelerating and reimagining your technology while also keeping the people and the data secure. 

You may recognize her from the hit CBS Show Hunted and what you see on TV is what she does in real life - tracking the digital tracks of the adversary. Theresa provides a sneak preview into the inner workings of cybercriminal syndicates that are behind some of the largest cybersecurity incidents including ransomware. Through real life stories, she’ll share how criminals leverage the cloud, blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, open-source intelligence, 5G, internet of things, and even deep fakes to conduct their tradecraft. Theresa has written not one but three books as guides for businesses and individuals to use!

@TrackerPayton, as she is known on Twitter, ensures that audiences will walk away with a list of things they can implement immediately, a blueprint for guarding their work life and personal life against these attacks. She also provides her clairvoyant cybercrime predictions for 2022 and beyond and how to prepare. This is not your gloom and doom security talk - Be prepared to be entertained with behind-the-scenes stories from the White House to notable interactions with criminals. 

Theresa Payton
First Female White House CIO
Star of the former CBS TV series, “Hunted”
Leading Cybersecurity Expert