The Next Digital Frontier: The Business Bank of the Future


Digital Banking has become the latest buzz with neo banks and digital consumer bank offerings everywhere you look. Tech giants have entered the banking world and consumer banking has seen total disruption over the past 5 years. Business and corporate banking however has not been affected in the same way, until now. This exciting presentation will take you into the latest technologies and trends, and how they will be influencing how fintechs will be targeting business and corporate accounts, which until now have been unserviceable by everyone but banks. PPP was one of the first catalysts to change this in a major way with Credit Unions and fintechs deciding to offer the SBA loans to small businesses and now we are seeing aggressive moves to go further. In this talk we will engage with the technology, risks and opportunities that lie ahead for digital banking for corporate and business banking. Banks need to stay ahead of this as the landscape of business banking is silently shifting, opening up major competition from fintechs and other players.

Ryan Canin