The Most “Eye-Opening” Risk Topic of the Year: Essential Model Risk Management Fundamentals


In a recent survey of bank and credit union leaders, Model Risk Management (MRM) was universally cited by respondents as the single most “eye-opening” topic they’d been introduced to in 2022. 

What was so arresting about MRM? Join DCG Managing Director Mark Haberland to explore what may be the industry’s best kept secret – and with increased regulatory focus raising the stakes, understand why MRM must be foundational to any winning strategy.

Attendees of this timely session will learn how to:

  • Meet evolving regulatory expectations
  • Implement/enhance a “right-sized” model risk management framework
  • Address cultural and technical challenges
  • Establish a robust “effective challenge” process
  • Take advantage of peer/industry best practices

Mark Haberland
Managing Partner
Darling Consulting Group