Managing Climate Risk – What Governing Bodies Need to Know


Climate change is a global threat to every person and every organization. Organizations in every industry will develop different tactics for transitioning to lower carbon economies—and although these transitions may bring heightened risk themselves, failing to adapt prompts even greater risk. Financial institutions occupy a pivotal place in our society as employers and providers of capital to all other industries. Financial risks from climate change could come in the form of:

  • Extreme natural disasters or more chronic shifts in weather patterns
  • Agricultural shifts and disruptions
  • Widespread disruption throughout the value-chain of carbon-based companies
  • Volatility of investments in the energy industry

To reduce the risk of the negative effects associated with these possibilities, banks and credit unions must evaluate an enterprise-wide risk assessment for present threats and vulnerabilities. During this session, we’ll discuss what governing bodies need to know to effectively lead their organizations forward into a lower-carbon economy. We’ll highlight what your organizations should be considering to get their climate risk initiatives off the ground and how to oversee that these programs are effectively identifying these risks and locating opportunities for mitigation. We’ll also discuss how these findings should be presented to your board, leadership team, employees, and customers to ensure proper procedural implementation.

Jared Kelly
Senior Manager
Wolf & Company, P.C.