Live Hacking Demo – How Hackers Hack!!!


Have you ever asked the question: “How do Hackers actually Hack into systems?” If you have ever spoken to a Security Expert, they will tell you how the SQL Injection to the website compromised the system, or how someone clicked on a link and caused the system to go down, or worse yet, there was exposure to Ransomware which encrypted Everything. I’m sure you’ve thought, that’s great information, but I still don’t know “How” it happens. This leaves you, and countless other Executives, still desperate for answers to the same questions — “How did they do it?” and “How do we protect ourselves from it?” In this session, you will witness a Live Hacking Event. This will help you understand how easy it is to for “Hackers to Hack” into your system, stealing or encrypting critical confidential data. We will also give you a behind the scenes look at Hacks that are available for Hackers to download on the web, RIGHT NOW. At the end of this session, we will provide you with “5 Levels of Defense” to make sure your system is secure and safe. Don’t miss this opportunity to view a Live Hack. It could save your Company.

Mike McWilliams
Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Peterson
vCIO Consultant