How Banks Drive Positive Social Change: Measuring & Marketing Your Social Impact in a Changing World


With crisis comes opportunity. Individuals and institutions are re-evaluating what is important and how to meaningfully contribute to society. The global pandemic has accelerated key trends that we have been seeing over the past decade: young workers want jobs with meaning, people want to shop and spend in alignment with their values, and businesses are touting their social responsibility practices. Consumers are also calling on businesses to lead on positive social and environmental measures and banks are no exception. People are also finding hope, change, and power in new places — including where they put their money. Fortunately, as banks, we have the immense power to fund the causes and activities that our communities want while remaining financially sound. Additionally, banks that are strategically positioned to be agents of impactful social and environmental change will attract and retain the workers and customers of tomorrow, ensuring the long term health of our industry. This session focuses on how you can measure the positive social and environmental impact your bank is having in the world, tell the stories of this impact through your bank’s marketing efforts, and use impact evaluation to manage and increase your bank’s positive impact. The session will offer a few simple ways to get started, share examples of promising practices from several banks, and provide insights into how this movement is being led by both national innovators and global institutions like the United Nations. Ultimately, you will learn how your bank can be part of this growing community of financial institutions.

Erin Kilmer-Neel
Executive Director & Chief Impact Officer
Beneficial State Bank & Foundation