A Great Place to Work: At the Intersection of Communication, Culture, Leadership, and Talent


Why should a great employee work for you? Or stay with you? Attracting and retaining people is as big a CEO concern as the risk of recession. Be honest: do your employees look at their work as just a job or a great place to be? With so much competition for talent, “good enough” isn’t enough anymore. In this presentation, you’ll learn being a great place to work isn’t about overpaying talent or providing free sushi lunches; it’s about creating an atmosphere where your employer brand becomes impeccable and a place where people are proud to say they work. Creating a great place to work is weaving great communication, a culture with a clear mission, vision, values, and goals, and leadership who understand and appreciate that great employees attract great customers and profit.

Eric Swenson
Managing Director
RSJ/Swenson LLC