The Digital Banking Future Demystified Through a BSA Lens


The banking world is changing at a very rapid pace. Fintechs disrupting the market have brought a wave of innovation, and the way we bank is changing. For the first time ever banks are contending with a brand new world of products, partners and technologies, and all touch BSA. It can be tough to manage a BSA program when dealing with novel concepts such as cryptocurrency, fintech partnerships, Banking-as-a-Service (“BaaS”), DeFi, and other new technologies.

In order to evolve BSA in our organizations we need to understand each of these topics and how they affect BSA so we know what approach needs to be taken, and what steps we need to follow to manage risk accordingly and assist the bank with growth. Let’s start with getting a better foundational understanding of how these trends affect BSA and how we can approach them.

In this exciting and accessible session we will present a non-technical guide to understanding these technical topics. We will cover the technology trends happening in 2021/2022, and we will explore practical takeaways on how we can prepare for a digital future in BSA.

Ryan Canin