Data and Deposits: From the Past to the Future


Are you uncertain about you how your deposit analysis compares to others in this hectic and unprecedented time? Are you diving deep enough into what the data can tell you? Is your institution keeping enough data to contend with what lies ahead? We hope you can join us as we explore non-maturity deposit analysis and the data that drives it. Navigating your customer deposit base is hard enough just from the customer perspective, but the data those customers provide as well as the value to your balance sheet can be downright mind-boggling. We will look back to how far we have come, where we are now, and what we think the future will bring – both in regards to your customer deposit base and insights the data can tell us.

• A brief history and timeline of deposit analysis and the data drivers
• Where we are now?
• What else can we discover from the data – and how can we leverage it? Including examples of different ways to slice the data to tell a story.
• What could the future hold?

• Data retention necessities
• The key components of a deposit study
• How to most effectively utilize your data to drive strategic decisions within your institution

Target Audiences:
This workshop is designed for CFO’s, Treasurers, Controllers, COO’s and anyone looking to gain insight into the largest item on their balance sheet, and how to leverage it to help their institution.

Dr. Richard Sheehan & Nathaniel Eidt
MountainView Risk & Analytics