Better Than Before: How to Make Digital Banking More Personal & Meaningful Than Banking in the Branch … By Using Your People in the Branch


For over 50 years, technology has de-humanized banking by systematically replacing people with automation in the name of convenience and self-service: ATMs, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), online banking, mobile banking, and, now, chatbots. For community financial institutions who differentiate themselves on personal service and relationship banking, this trend poses an existential threat. The good news is that a new model of digital banking has recently emerged, one that uses digital technology to bring real people together at the moment of need—and it’s exactly what consumers want whenever they have a question or concern about their money. Join Lee Wetherington, Director of Strategic Insight at Jack Henry & Associates, for his thoughts on the new era of hyper-personal banking in the digital channel and what it means for the future of financial services in the U.S.

Lee Wetherington
Director of Strategic Insight
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.