Support Needed for S.2155: Contact Your Representative Today!

Press release

With Congress back in session, the CBA is asking all of our members to please contact their representative and urge them to support bringing S.2155 to the House floor for a vote as soon as possible. On March 14, the Senate, on a historic and strong bipartisan vote, passed S.2155, which represents our most realistic chance at achieving commonsense regulatory relief and reform. This legislation is the byproduct of years of hearings, input from hundreds of stakeholders including community groups and think tanks, and careful negotiations between legislators on both sides of the aisle who rightly understood the serious issues facing financial institutions trying to grow the economy and voted to support commonsense reform to fix those issues. Press reports have indicated that House Financial Services Committee chairman, Jeb Hensarling, is considering including a number of amendments before putting the bill up for a vote in the House, and Senate leaders have indicated that if the House sends them an amended version, they will not take the bill up again, effectively killing any chance for reform. Therefore it is absolutely critical that you contact your representative in the House and urge them to support and take the bill up without any amendments, so that it can advance to the president’s desk for his signature.

To look up your legislator and find their contact information, please click here and enter you zip code at the top right of the page. We encourage you to please email or call your legislator as soon as possible. We have also created talking points that you may consider using in your conversation or email regarding S. 2155. Thank you in advance for your action on this critically important issue!