Referring Investment Clients


Referring Investment Clients teaches how to be professional in referring clients to a licensed securities specialist. The course begins by providing some history about how banks began to include securities products among their services. The course then provides an overview of securities products commonly offered by banks. Students will learn how to use a variety of clues to identify the clients’ recognized and unrecognized financial needs. In addition, students will learn how to gather information that a licensed investment specialist will find helpful as he/she works with a referred client.

This course revisits the effective referral model that was introduced in the Effective Client Referrals course. Using the effective referral model will help clients see the value in referral suggestions and in meeting with an investment specialist. By applying the knowledge and skills students will be prepared to connect their clients with the resources they need and play a vital role on the bank’s financial services.


Audience: Bank personnel who manage client relationships and/or who are in a position to identify referral opportunities to licensed specialists.

Note: The Effective Client Referrals course must be taken at least once before taking this course.


Learning Objectives: After completing this course, students will be able

  • Identify key regulations and guidelines banks must follow when offering investment products
  • Identify benefits and risks associated with investment products
  • Describe the basic features of common investment products
  • Recognize clues and gather information to support and enhance a referral
  • Use the Effective Referral Model to make needs-based, professional referrals
  • Address common client concerns about following through on a referral