New! Message from our CEO Steve Andrews
Banks Stand Ready to Help


It’s been more than a month now since our world changed as we knew it and the transition has been anything but easy. We’ve seen record unemployment applications and business closures. This new economic reality is downright bleak. But amid the uncertainty, we have seen that the American spirit is alive and well. Communities are coming together to help one another and you need not look far to find individuals making a difference by sewing masks, delivering food to first responders and healthcare workers and making sure that the elderly and disabled in their neighborhoods have what they need.

America’s banks have also jumped in to help. Whether it is a short-term or long-term loan, mortgage modification, elimination of fees or the CARES Act and Paycheck Protection Program, banks are working closely with customers every day to address their individual needs. Through America’s banks, the Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) delivered $349 billion in loans to businesses in 56 states and territories.

In California alone banks facilitated nearly 113,000 loans totaling more than $33 billion[1]. The average California loan was approximately $295,000. Lodi-based F&M Bank funded 1,376 loans through the Small Business Administration and secured $334 million in funding through the CARES Act program representing 1% of California’s PPP loan activity[2]. When interviewed by a Sacramento Business Journal reporter about the loan program, Kent Steinwert, chairman, president and CEO of F&M Bank said “There is a moral obligation to do this. We need to do this to save the businesses and to save jobs.”[3]

Steinwert’s commitment and passion for his customers and community reflects our industry’s mission. We stand ready to help.