Vitex is a professional services firm dedicated to helping banks increase performance and cost-savings by assisting with core system decisions, negotiating technology contracts and managing conversion projects.

Our priority is to assist banks in achieving their strategic business objectives through practical strategies. At 20-plus-years strong, we have a proven track record with hundreds of successful financial institutions throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Visionary, focused, responsive and always thinking ahead, our consultants demonstrate unparalleled expertise in their field of practice and keen insight into applying leading-edge technologies to support client goals.

In addition to core decisions and contract negotiations, we have an expense management practice that focuses on procurement lifecycle, expense management, process improvement, and revenue enhancement for large banks (typically more than $20 billion of assets). Engagements include accounts payable micro reviews, purchasing card implementation, and expense management analysis.

Vitex operates independently in order to serve the best interests of our clients. We do not represent any hardware or software vendors, nor do we receive any compensation from vendors for referrals, recommendations, or consulting engagements. This allows us to maintain uncompromising objectivity and integrity when providing recommendations to our clients.

Based in the metro Charlotte, North Carolina area, our company is a sought-after intellectual resource for national and state banking associations and often provides speakers or facilitators for various banking forums, including national and state conventions, conferences, seminars, and banking schools.

Randy Roth, a former IBM executive, founded Vitex in 1995 with a vision—and the capability—to build a team of highly experienced and tenacious consultants who deliver the very best core system decisions and contract negotiation engagements.

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