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From investigators and senior management, to deposit operations, collections and front-line staff — the Verafin Financial Crime Management platform can help all areas of your institution combat financial crime. Verafin includes:


Big Data Intelligence 

Reduce false positives, increase the quality and accuracy of your alerts, and strengthen crime ring investigations with big data intelligence in the Verafin Cloud. Verafin imports and analyzes an immense amount of information from multiple sources, including core system, ancillary source, open-source, third-party, and consortium data. We then apply cross-institutional analysis and machine learning technology to analyze billions of transactions, ensuring best-in-class performance. 


Visual Storytelling 

Expedite your investigations and create richer, more detailed reports with Verafin’s unique visual storytelling capabilities. You are presented with smart evidence and investigation tools, such as risk-rated evidence, check image views, balance charts, geographic maps, and interactive relationship graphs. By providing targeted alerts packaged with supporting information and evidence, Verafin saves time and resources in every investigation.   


Collaborative Investigations 

Work together to create a complete picture of financial crime by sharing information in Verafin’s secure environment. Combining Information Sharing with cross-institutional analysis in the Verafin Cloud strengthens investigations into crimes spanning multiple institutions, improves the efficiency of your investigations, and provides richer reporting to law enforcement. 


Verafin is MBA’s exclusive 314(b) Information Sharing technology provider, with the FRAMLxchange helping detect suspicious activity across multiple institutions and facilitating collaboration under Section 314(b) of the USA PATRIOT Act.




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