WBA Communities
Members-Only Forum


Networking and educational opportunities are invaluable, and our members have been vocal with their agreement. As always, our objective is to deliver programs and tools that encourage professional development while addressing the industry’s most pressing issues. In direct response to membership feedback, the Communities platform is certain to add tangible membership value.

Communities is an online members-only engagement platform that supports industry connections and discussions at every level of responsibility. Here, users will discover a virtual landscape where they can network, ask questions, share insights, discuss best practices, and gain knowledge from colleagues around the country. 

Collaboration within the banking profession has never been more important, and WBA is proud to offer this resource for essential peer-to-peer connections. 

Access Instructions

For your exclusive access to Communities, enter your WBA website username and password hereNavigate to the Communities tab, click “My Communities” and then click on the “WBA Community”. Once inside, we encourage you to engage with fellow members by reading through the industry questions posted and replying and interacting with other bankers. Posting instructions are available on the Communities page. 

Feedback on the platform and the user experience helps us deliver a product that benefits our collective membership, and we appreciate your observation. If you have comments to share with the WBA team, or if you encounter difficulty accessing Communities, please contact Mariangeles Chinelatto at mchinelatto@westernbankers.com.