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Receive a Complimentary Tech Check from Vitex, WB Endorsed Partner

In an ever-changing environment of financial pressure, there are two key areas bankers should focus on when understanding how to control expenses:

  • Technology Spend
  • Core Contract Terms

The odds are extremely high that you are overpaying for your technology services; which could, instead, be flowing directly to your bottom line. WBA endorsed partner, Vitex, wants to help you understand if you are leaving money on the table with your core technology provider.

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Explore BankTalentHQ, the WB’s Career Center Provider

BankTalentHQ is designed as a talent management resource for the financial industry and is brought to you by the Western Bankers in partnership with other state banking associations across the country. BankTalentHQ is the premier talent management site for financial industry careers, and we know finding and keeping top talent is high on the list of the many challenges banks face.

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WB Announces Incident Response Program to Bolster Cybersecurity for Member Banks

The FBI has reported that more than 4,000 cyber incidents occur, on average, each day. These incidents—breach, ransom ware, data privacy, etc.—can immediately disrupt operations and affect the bank’s bottom line and valuable reputations.

To mitigate against such incidents, the WB has assembled an Incident Response Program (IRP) Team comprised of four complementary cyber security professionals.