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Automation: How Smaller Banks Can Overcome Automation

Smaller banks can reduce the risk of implementing new automation technology by clearly defining outcomes, project scope, and risk tolerance. With new technologies such as blockchain and cloud-computing making their way into banking, planning is more important to success than ever. Learn to facilitate discussions with stakeholders, uncover process gaps, and explore factors to consider in selecting a system.


Andrew Tang
President & CEO
Fortaworks Corporation

Vendor Management Cybersecurity Operationalization to Regain Control

In the normal course of business, banks increasingly rely on external service providers for a variety of services. While it may be cost efficient, outsourcing information technology services to an outside vendor does not remove the risk associated with information technology. This presentation aims to provide guidance and tips on how banks can reclaim control by operationalizing the cybersecurity components of vendor management. A panacea for vendor management does not exist, however pragmatic solutions do exist.   


Jeremy Conway
Chief Technology Officer
MAD Security, LLC

The New IT Exam: Are You Prepared?

Banks are increasingly devoting significant monetary and human resources to defend against cybersecurity threats while addressing the challenge of ever-changing regulatory examination expectations. In this session, attendees will consider risk assessments, audit results, examination procedures, and regulatory guidance to determine the level of readiness for the next examination as well as prioritizing resources.


Laurel Sykes
SVP & Chief Risk Officer
Montecito Bank & Trust

Paul Abramson
SVP & Director of Technology
Montecito Bank & Trust

Cybersecurity: Stepping Up Your Assurance to Handle Today’s Risks

As cybersecurity threats continue to advance and intensify, traditional IT security controls and basic cyber hygiene aren’t enough to keep up. In this session, learn how to recognize, defend against, and test the cyber threats that are most relevant to modern banking institutions. Explore best practices in the security and assurance space as well as practical recommendations for specific defenses to minimize a bank’s exposure to these threats. Additionally, the session includes a discuss on how to better communicate with executive management, the board, and regulators.


Ryan Rodrigue
WolfPac & Co., PC

Fintech Panel

Description coming soon!


Steven Marsden
Senior Manager

The Dark Web: An Overview & Tour

The language of the “Dark Web” is ubiquitous, and it’s important for banks to be able to communicate to customers what it is and what it contains. In this session, learn about the Deep Web, Dark Web, and Dark Nets and how they operate. Experience a live demo of the Dark Web to uncover where it exists, what it contains, and why it should be examined with caution.  


Jim Baird
Director of Information Security, IT Auditor
10-D Security