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Top Exam Trends in Cybersecurity

There has been a lot of examination activity related to cyber since the FDIC began the rollout of their InTREx risk-based IT exam approach and the OCC made enhancements to the cybersecurity assessment tool used in the IT exam process. Join us as we share with attendees the top trends we see in examinations related to cybersecurity programs. You’ll be better informed as to how to ensure you meet the regulatory requirements and most importantly, maintain customer trust.


Rita L. Lucivero
Wolf & Company, P.C.

Vendor Management: Aligning Risk Management Practices &
Business Objectives to Ensure Successful Outcomes

Banks are looking to increase efficiencies by partnering with fintech companies or using new technology to streamline processes, but don’t let flashy product demonstrations leave you with a false sense of optimism! Such goals can only be achieved with sufficient vetting before the contract is signed. In this session, learn how you can increase the likelihood for successful outcomes when outsourcing to third-party vendors to satisfy regulatory expectations while also achieving strategic business objectives. Learn from real-life case studies to develop concrete business requirements to form an effective RFP, properly leverage product demonstrations to assess the solution against those requirements and determine metrics to measure success.


Laurel Sykes
EVP, Chief Compliance & Risk Officer
American Riviera Bank

Cloud Computing Contracts:
How Banks Can Get the Best Terms

Cloud computing has become the central IT tool for financial institutions, yet few banks really understand cloud services contracts. Many, in fact, still address these agreements with an old on-premise software licensing script. Successful IT management demands better contracts. In this session, we’ll explore the key issues at stake in contracts for software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other forms of cloud computing. The goal is to teach bank staff to draft and negotiate these contracts better, faster, and with more confidence. Learn the business issues at stake behind cloud computing contracts. We’ll cover IP indemnities, data breach indemnities, service level agreements, vendor compliance with financial regulations, data security, warranty, early termination, open source software, and much more.


David Tollen
Tech Contract Academy

Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

As cyber-criminals continue to develop new attack vectors, banks must be ready to defend against attacks such as mobile malware, fake mobile banking applications, web skimming, crypto-jacking in order to keep data and customers safe. In this session, review these attacks and analyze them one by one to ensure a full understanding of not only the threat these attacks pose, but how to effectively select and implement the best prevention and mitigation strategy possible for each of these vectors. Learn to implement effective mitigation strategies to thwart attack vectors and establish a proactive approach to cybersecurity.


Jeremy Conway
Chief Technology Officer
MAD Security

Inside the World of the Dark Web

While plotlines in the Jason Bourne series, Homeland, and House of Cards reference what can be found on the dark web, it is more than just a plot development tool; it’s a very real marketplace of all things hidden, graphic, and very much for sale. As financial institutions, you are doing what you can to protect the customer data you house, but your customers will continue to be the victims of crime as data is pilfered from more and more non-banking entities. Learn how to protect and support your customers by developing dark web intelligence.


Ryan Rodrigue
Wolf & Company, P.C.