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Information Security & Risk Assessments

Risk management is a key component of just about every action and decision a bank makes, and those risks can be difficult to determine in a measured and consistent way. Information security can be a particularly challenging area to gauge risk, but there are methodologies for risk mitigation, including technical, personnel, and procedural strategies. In this session, learn the fundamentals of information security and risk management, including sample frameworks and risk mitigation methodologies.


Jeremy Conway
Chief Technology Officer
MAD Security

Banking Cryptocurrency: BSA and Risk Considerations

With consumer and industry interest in cryptocurrencies rising, banks need to understand the risk and compliance considerations when looking to enter the cryptocurrency marketplace. In this session, learn what cryptocurrencies are, who the different cryptocurrency consumers are that might approach a financial institution for services, and the risk and compliance considerations a bank should consider when opening and maintaining accounts for cryptocurrency consumers. Build a base of knowledge on the considerations regarding cryptocurrency consumers and be ready when your bank is approached for services.


Matthew Hagen
Senior Regulatory Compliance Consultant

How to Handle What You Don’t Know About ERM

When we asked risk professionals what keeps them up at night, it used to be a litany of specific concerns. Today, we’ve noticed that it’s the “unknown, unknown” that is causing sleeplessness. In this session, we will help attendees find answers to the ERM questions that keep them up at night. If you’re looking to put your fears about the “unknown, unknown” in ERM to bed, join us for this informative session.


Randy Marsicano
Professional Services Senior Manager
WolfPAC Solutions

Dancing with Fintech in Risk Shoes

Risk and compliance professionals have always been charged with creating a culture that made it possible for their organization to quickly adapt to regulatory changes, changing oversight trends, and evolving customer expectations. In this session, learn how the advent of fintech innovations in the delivery of banking products and services are creating heightened customer expectations around speed, ease of access, efficiency, and automation. As you consider a fintech collaboration, you will want to evaluate the risks and ensure that you overlay your established compliance culture in any venture you undertake.


Barbara Boccia, CRCM, MBA, JD
Senior Director & Manager
US Advisory Services & Regulatory Relations
Wolters Kluwer

Banking Cannabis with Eyes Wide Open (Panel)

Banking cannabis-related businesses presents unique risks and opportunities. How can banks look at this market with eyes wide open? In this session, we will discuss the unique market dynamics and considerations for officers and directors in banking this high-risk business. Cannabis-related businesses are part of your community’s ecosystem; what is your role in creating the safest environment for your community?


Chris Cook
Chief Compliance Officer & Co-Founder​


Erin Gore
Founder & CEO 
Garden Society

Richard Laiderman 
Executive Chair & Co-Founder

Julie Martin-Robinson 
SVP/Compliance Risk Manager 
First Northern Bank