Learning Sessions by Track

Deepening Human Connections in an Increasingly Digital World

With advances in technology and increased digital consumption, consumers are feeling more isolated than ever, but banks can be uniquely positioned to change that and give customers what they crave most: deep, authentic, and compassionate connections. Explore brain science and develop best practices and tools to deepen connections that are engaged digitally or face-to-face. 


Joe Sullivan
CEO & Founder
Market Insights

Seeing the World Through Your Customer’s Eyes

Perception is reality. This session demonstrates how to view a bank through the customer’s eyes. Learn how to secret shop your customers and your competition. Explore best practices with “The 11 Steps to the Perfect Branch Experience” and receive ideas for tools and training that can be used in branches immediately.


Eric Gagliano
Executive Vice President

Who Are Your Best Customers & How Can You Better Retain Them Through Analytics

In an increasingly competitive banking environment combined with decreasing branch activity, it’s important to engage and retain the best customers through digital channels. Learn how analytics can effectively achieve this and advance overall business growth. Uncover the basics of how analytics can be used to effectively leverage available data while incorporating it into marketing and sales initiatives.


Nate Derby
CEO & Chief Data Scientist
Stakana Analytics

Giving Customers What They Want and When They Want It

Customer needs are always changing.  The products and services one customer needs in his or her 20s are completely different from what a customer needs in their 40s, 50s and beyond. Learn what products and services make sense for customers at different life points. Just as importantly, identify the best channels through which to deliver those products and services.


Stephen Nikitas
Senior Strategy Director
Harland Clarke

Design Thinking for a Delightful Banking Experience

Fintech startups, alternative lenders, and evolving customer expectations are forcing banks to change the way they develop new products and services, requiring banks to incorporate “design thinking.” Learn proven business management strategies to foster creativity and innovation, develop products that meet the users’ needs, and create an experience that delights the customer and the employee. Explore examples of successful design thinking projects, and how these strategies are vital to a bank’s ability to survive and thrive.


Kendra Tolley
Retail Product Line Head

Text Messaging for Banks

It’s estimated that 97% of Americans use text messaging at least once a day, and nine out of ten customers want to use text messaging to communicate with businesses. Discover the benefits of using text messaging in sales, marketing, and services for prospects and customers. Learn about key challenges that banks face with this technology, and develop a framework to solve these challenges through case studies, success metrics, and ROI analysis.


Ashish Garg
Co-Founder & CEO