Learning Sessions by Track

Moving Your Bank Into the Digital World

Technology isn’t slowing down, nor are consumer expectations for seamless experiences, so banks must be diligent in their deploying a digital-first strategy that keeps pace with both. This session will highlight the increasing trend toward the digital banking solutions that your customers expect and the technology that makes it all happen. Come hear success stories, strategies, and the latest trends that will move your institution forward into the digital age.


Zaid Akhter
Vice President, Sales
Computer Services, Inc.​

Personality of the Brand: the Future of Business

The experiences your customers have with you and your people quite simply is your company brand today. How you make them feel is what they talk about to their contacts. In this session, we will look at the significant opportunity you have to create personality in your brand that get remembered. Learn practical ways of creating a strong and unique personal brand that represents the company brand authentically and builds your reputation. People make the brand today, particularly in service sectors where trusted relationships are vital. Learn the importance of not leaving this to chance but rather, taking control and building an authentic brand via your people behaviors.


Lesley Everett
Speaker & Leadership Brand Coach
Walking TALL Training & Consulting, Inc.​

Selling More with Less:
Marketing Analytics Success Stories

Many of us want to make the most of our limited resources to serve the most customers with the least effort. The retail industry has been working on this problem with analytics for over a decade with some great successes. Hear stories about how retailers such as Nordstrom, Target, Amazon, REI, and Starbucks have found success through marketing analytics by focusing on the right customers with the right message at the right time. Then we’ll learn about how community banks can adopt these same strategies to better serve their customers.


Nate Derby

Social Media Platforms: What, Where, Why, and When

In this timely session, explore how different content should be shared on various platforms. Discussions will include the best times to post on different platforms, as well as what works and what does not work when it comes to growing audiences. Discover what other banks are doing within this space an explore best practices.


Shelley Wetton
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Five Star Bank​

Resources & Best Practices

In this facilitated workshop, join fellow marketing professionals in a structured discussion that encourages collaboration and peer-to-peer engagement. Beyond the abstract, discover practical takeaways and best practices that can be integrated within your department and throughout your bank.


Megan Orloff 
EVP/Chief Strategy Officer 
Montecito Bank & Trust