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The Latest & Greatest in Accounting

The FASB has been active in proposing and finalizing various accounting standard updates during the past few years and many are applicable and have a material impact on your bank’s financial statements. This session will provide you with an in-depth review of the recent accounting standards that have been issued or are pending, and it’s designed to provide you with the information you and your team need to hit the ground running on the latest financial reporting requirements. Hear the latest on significant accounting standards and take away practical ideas and best practices to best navigate them.


Tullus Miller
Moss Adams

Theresa Wright
Senior Manager
Moss Adams

Preparing for Life After LIBOR

It is critical to understand the impending termination of LIBOR in 2021 as the preeminent interest rate benchmark along with the ability to know what your bank must do to protect its balance sheet and earnings stream. In this session, learn how to manage the LIBOR transition process and understand the background and path toward replacing an index that currently supports millions of loans, derivatives, investments and other instruments whose value exceeds $300 trillion worldwide. As the pricing basis for over $300 trillion in global loan, investment and derivative transactions, there will be additional risk to banks resulting from the disruptive impact of shifting to a yet to be determined alternative index.


Brett Manning, CFA
SVP & Director, Funding Product Group
FHLB Des Moines​

Strategies for Driving Overall Bank Performance through the Investment Portfolio

Bankers are faced with rising short-term interest rates, a flattening yield curve and tighter liquidity conditions. This session will focus on optimal balance sheet management with a focus on liquidity risk, interest rate risk, and investment strategies that make sense in the current environment.


Brian Battle
Performance Trust

Breakdown the Silos: Turn Your ALCO into a Profit Center Through a Collaborative Focus

As short rates have continued to rise, it has not been uncommon to find critical ALCO discussions taking place in silos – smaller groups isolating themselves from the team making decisions without all the information. Additionally, many banks are utilizing external resources to provide guidance in areas of need (i.e. deposit product strategy, investment advisory, loan pricing, etc.), yet that advice is of singular focus, hence the “siloed” approach. In this session, learn how high performing banks have turned their ALCOs into “profit centers” by tearing down the silos and promoting a collaborative atmosphere at their ALCO meetings.


Mark Haberland
Managing Director
Darling Consulting Group

Implementing the New Lease Standard

The new lease standard will require a detailed analysis of all contracts with vendors and service providers to determine if a lease exists and, if so, proper identification, tracking, and classification of potential leases. In this session, learn the tips and tricks of implementing the new lease standard, challenges and practical exceptions, and the impact on regulatory capital. Attendees will deepen their understanding of how the new lease standard will impact financial statements, regulatory capital, and other effects related to the new standard.


Michael Green
Squar Milner

James Clark
Squar Milner