WB Announces Incident Response Program to Bolster Cybersecurity for Member Banks

General information

The FBI has reported that more than 4,000 cyber incidents occur, on average, each day. These incidents—breach, ransom ware, data privacy, etc.—can immediately disrupt operations and affect the bank’s bottom line and valuable reputations.

To mitigate against such incidents, the WB has assembled an Incident Response Program (IRP) Team comprised of four complementary cyber security professionals.

  1. Insurance – Peter Marchel, Marchel & Associates
  2. Legal – Sean Hoar, Lewis Brisbois
  3. Technology – Carl York of Clifton Larson Allen
  4. Public Relations – Casey Boggs of ReputationUs

The combined expertise of these cybersecurity professionals will undoubtedly help our member banks prepare for and respond to incidents, while complying with banking regulations.

WB member banks that participate in the IRP will receive an in-person customized training session ($7,500/session) at their bank from the IRP Team, as well as:

  • Two (2) hours of cybersecurity insurance policy review and recommendations
  • Two (2) hours legal consultation on incident response preparedness, including an incident notification obligation analysis
  • Two (2) hours consultation of technical incident detection, including information security incident tabletop testing
  • Two (2) hours coaching session to develop a communication task force and a tailored communications plan
  • Post incident-priority response and support if an incident occurs, provided a typical hourly/project rate for each IRP professional

More information about the IRP is available via the FAQ. You can also contact Casey Boggs, president of ReputationUs at cboggs@ReputationUs.com or (503) 946-8344.

To schedule an IRP session for your bank, please contact Wendy Cunningham at wendy.cunningham@lewisbrisbois.com or (971) 334-7007.

Click here to meet the IRP team of specialists.