Receive a Complimentary Tech Check from Vitex, WB Endorsed Partner

General information

In an ever-changing environment of financial pressure, there are two key areas bankers should focus on when understanding how to control expenses:

  • Technology Spend
  • Core Contract Terms

The odds are extremely high that you are overpaying for your technology services; which could, instead, be flowing directly to your bottom line. WBA endorsed partner, Vitex, wants to help you understand if you are leaving money on the table with your core technology provider.

As a value added service for being a WBA member bank, you can receive a FREE, no obligation technology pricing review. Vitex’s team of experts will provide: 

  • A review of your current pricing for core and related technology services
  • Provide a view of the relative “health” of your current pricing (under NDA)

Schedule your technology “check-up” today!