Educational Resources for COVID-19


Educational Resources for COVID-19

Webinars, offered through Western Bankers Association, are an extensive suite of online webinar training that enable bankers to enjoy flexible and cost-effective education related to all aspects of COVID-19. Webinar topics related to COVID-19, are covered in a comprehensive, and easily accessible format.

Benefits of Webinars

Educational webinars address timely issues related to COVID-19 facing independent bank professionals. From the convenience of your desk, these 60-minute webinars provide you with a cost-effective way to stay abreast of industry information and trends affecting banks, as well as provide the bank with a low-cost option to effectively train and educate their directors.

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IT, Technology, & Operations

Recovering Smartly & Strategically from Pandemic 2020

In response to the pandemic and its many ramifications, financial institutions are taking steps to maintain the continuity of their previous operations. What is often missing or lacking, is addressing the strategic implications of the crisis – of which, depending on accurate assessment, anticipation, and action – will ultimately determine how an institution fares in the recovery from the business impacts. In this webinar, Joseph Cady will help to separate fact from fiction about the virus, and shift from reaction to effective action. Also important, is to recognize the two distinctive phases in recovering smartly and strategically from the pandemic. Mr. Cady will then share a step by step process to conduct internally, to optimize the continuity of operations, and then remake the bank for the “new normal” needs of customers, employees, communities, and shareholders. Finally, ideas will be shared for identifying and seizing new opportunities to become a more profitable and efficient institution at the conclusion of the crisis. By attending this webinar, one will the acquire the needed information and insights to achieve a much better recovery and outcome.

IT, Technology, & Operations

Managing and Operating an Effective BSA Team in COVID-19 Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many financial institutions having to change the way they engage with customers, including those they have never met. This discussion will outline the risks and challenges one can expect when performing remote account opening and how one can mitigate these risks by implementing the appropriate tools and processes.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): Update and Review of Recent Guidance

With the focus on additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), it is the perfect time to consider lessons learned, review recent developments, and create strategies for navigating the PPP lending process moving forward. 
Topics reviewed:

  • Brief overview of the PPP
  • Review of recent guidance
  • Interim Final Rule #2
  • Interim Final Rule #3
  • Treasury’s FAQs
  • Strategies for the next round of PPP lending
IT, Technology, & Operations

The Challenges of Banking High Risk Customers in a Work From Home World

A BSA program for high risk customers versus regular accounts will have some nuances, especially around screening, documentation, enhanced due diligence, transaction monitoring and ongoing workload. Adding the element of remote onboarding adds another layer of complexity. This is a detailed discussion around the risks and challenges facing financial institutions banking high risk clients remotely.

IT, Technology, & Operations

Musings on the US Economy: COVID-19

Ready to understand the implications of unemployment rates, housing prices, inflation, and wages on the broader macroeconomy? In this session, explore how recent trends in the macroeconomy are often fueled by interesting microeconomic developments, such as changes in the way consumers are originating debt in consumer debt markets, or legislative developments in student loan markets. The presentation will consider developments in these micro-markets to help attendees understand their implications in the broader macroeconomy. Get the latest update on the US economy and its recent fluctuations.

Who Should Attend: President, CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Director, Controller

Human Resources & Staff Training

Staying Connected While Staying at Home

To remain effective and productive leaders of service teams who began working remotely as a result of a national and global emergency. In this webinar, we’ll explore the importance of the manager role to deliver leadership of front-lines, remotes, and combined teams. Topics to be discussed include transitioning to remote management, coaching in a new environment, navigating challenges from technology to mental health.

IT, Technology, & Operations

Navigating Uncertainty: Creating a Path Forward

When faced with uncertainty, it is often difficult to devise a path forward. During this session, explore actionable strategies an organization can take to move forward with certainty, regardless of any environmental or economic challenge that presents itself. Looking at bank data from the 2008 financial crisis, the presenters will illustrate that financial institutions executing a growth strategy without fail, weather the storm significantly better than the banking industry as a whole. What specific strategies should banks be using now and in the future? Please join Todd Taylor from Taylor Advisors and David Carlson from Haberfeld for this webinar to create a path forward.

Each attendee will receive bank-specific information relevant to their key balance sheet positions and performance metrics. 

Who Should Attend: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, Head of Sales, Head of Marketing, Head of Retail

IT, Technology, & Operations

Paycheck Protection Program – How to Take Applications & Submit Them to the SBA

Learn the steps needed to successfully complete and submit applications for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program. In this webinar, we will walk through the guidance issued for this program and explain how to originate applications using web-based technology that your team can use remotely and how to submit applicants through the SBA’s online portal.

IT, Technology, & Operations

The CARES Act PPP Loans: Feedback From the Field

The CARES Act is designed to provide aid to small businesses but represents unchartered territory for many banks across the country. Participate in an interactive session on how banks are responding with Dan O’Malley, the CEO of Numerated, the digital lending platform that has handles more automated SBA 7(a) loans than any other. Dan will present feedback from the hundreds of banks they have spoken with since the passage of the Act and take your questions.

Human Resources & Staff Training

Leading Others Through Change

This webinar is designed to offer management tips for reducing employee stress during a crisis. This webinar will offer practical advice for leaders facing unprecedented change in their organizations. The presenter will teach the participants how to diagnose worry, stress and anxiety and how to coach each of these. Learn about four different management tips for keeping employees engaged during a crisis-type change. 

IT, Technology, & Operations

Crisis Management: Responding to COVID-19
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COVID-19 is a coronavirus that has very quickly impacted every aspect of life in the United States and abroad in a very significant way. The effects of COVID-19 raise many challenges for financial institutions on a number of different fronts. This webinar will examine COVID-19 and its impact on banking operations from multiple different perspectives. The session will include consideration of how to respond to COVID-19 and the government’s suggested guidelines as an employer and community participant, entity regulated by federal and state banking regulations and recently released regulatory guidance and items for consideration from a corporate, shareholder and similar perspective. This webinar should not be missed by any financial institution that is developing plans and strategies for response to this significant event.