Managing Funding, Liquidity and Capital


Description: Managing Funding, Liquidity and Capital provides participants with the tools to manage these functions within their bank.

Note: In order to complete the final project assigned in the course, participants will need to have access to the reports used by their bank to manage funding, liquidity, and capital.

Audience: This course is designed for individuals involved in funding, liquidity, or capital management, or line managers making pricing, investment, or funding decisions that impact these areas.

Learning Objectives: After successfully completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Identify the risk-return characteristics of various deposit and non-deposit sources
  • Evaluate the costs of various funding sources and their impact on profitability
  • Evaluate the impact of various funding sources on interest rate and liquidity risk
  • Use various measures to evaluate liquidity risk
  • Take appropriate measures to manage liquidity
  • Identify optimal capital levels from both the regulators’ and shareholders’ point of view
  • Evaluate the costs and risks of different sources of capital
  • Prepare a capital management plan

6 weeks / 25 hours
Member: $660
Non-Member: $870

ABA Credit: 1

Locator Number Start Date End Date
24890 – MFL32 01/30/2017 03/10/2017
24891 – MFL33 06/05/2017 07/14/2017

Required Textbook:
Bank Management, 8th Edition – Printed Book: Member: $238 / Non-Member: $279