General Accounting


Description: General Accounting provides the knowledge and skills required to identify the credit needs of various types of business customers and to sell a “total banking” relationship. It covers both the technical side of commercial lending and the interpersonal skills required to be a successful loan officer.

Audience: Bank personnel with little or no accounting background.

Learning Objectives: After successfully completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic accounting cycle and define the basic elements used such as asset, liability, owner’s equity, revenue and expense accounts
  • List the steps in the accounting cycle; prepare a post-closing trial balance and interim statements
  • Understand and perform functions relative to bank accounts and cash funds
  • Understand the implications of dealing with employee earnings and deductions, and with employee taxes, payments, and reports
  • Prepare a classified income statement and balance sheet, compute working capital and current ratio and journalize closing entries for a business

16 weeks / 45 hours
Member: $471
Non-Member: $566

Locator Number Start Date End Date
24867 – GA149 01/03/2017 04/21/2017
24869 – GA151 04/10/2017 07/28/2017
24872 – GA154 07/24/2017 11/10/2017

College Accounting, 11th Edition – Printed Book: Member: $150 / Non-Member: $181