CBA Compensation & Benefits Benchmark Survey
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General information

Thank you to all of our 2021 participant banks, for your contribution to the CBA Compensation & Benefits Benchmark Survey! We appreciate you very much!

Compensation practices continue to evolve and this survey uniquely captures the evolution, through the detailed level of information collected and reported. Participating banks should be applauded for their dedication and effort in providing information to support production of this annual report!

The strategic management of compensation and human resources continues to be a critical factor in the success of a bank. For most banks, compensation constitutes the single largest non-interest operating expense.

It is extremely important that banking decision makers have current, reliable information for evaluating compensation and benefits at their own institutions. For this reason, the Western Bankers Association (WBA), in conjunction with Pearl Meyer (PM), conducts an annual compensation and benefits survey. This survey provides base salary, incentive and commission compensation data as well as directors’ compensation information, data on human resources practices, comparative healthcare cost information and employee benefits summary statistics. 

Each year, the WBA and Pearl Meyer update the survey based on a thorough review by the CBA Compensation Survey Advisory Committee, participant suggestions, and our understanding of industry trends. We welcome your suggestions!

For questions regarding the survey content, please contact Linda Odell at