2021 Playback Library

Credit & Lending

Mechanics Liens: Construction Lenders’ Beware

Ignoring a mechanics lien could result in a loss of your lien priority. In this webinar, we will discuss how to minimize risk associated with mechanics liens on construction projects. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of mechanics liens being recorded on construction projects, which can result in a construction lenders’ nightmare if not addressed properly. 

Who Should Attend: Lending Professionals, Construction Loan Professionals

Credit & Lending

How Will the Current Crisis Impact Allowance for Credit Losses?

While financial institutions navigate the current economic storm brought on by COVID-19, an inevitable question arises: how will the current crisis impact my allowance for credit losses? In this presentation we will go over the timing and impact of CECL, how the current state of the economy has complicated concerns associated with COVID-19, and its potential impact to estimates for expected credit losses and Q&E adjustments in both the current ALLL and future CECL models.

Who Should Attend: CEO, President, All Credit Professionals, Bank Director, Board Chairman

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Banking Cannabis; California’s Largest Cash Crop

Understanding cannabis banking regulations and reality with the General Counsel of DFPI, the former Commissioner of Banking at DFI (now DFPI), and a cannabis banker. This discussion will address the regulations, laws, and pending federal legislation that allows financial institutions to provide financial services to state-licensed cannabis businesses. Banking the state-legal cannabis industry is currently possible and profitable but requires rigorous compliance, Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and robust Know Your Customer (KYC) systems and processes. 

Who Should Attend: C-Level Officers, General Counsel & Legal Professionals, BSA Officer, Compliance Professionals, Business Development & Relationship Banking Executives 

Human Resources & Staff Training

Succession Planning and Mentoring for Future Leadership

We’re turning succession planning on its head in this highly requested workshop. It is seldom smooth. You have a handful of likely successors. It’s not magic-it’s planning! Disaster recovery plan- Someone wins the lottery or cashes in their chips. Now what? How do you cover that? Fractioning off the rest of the job role. Pay to bring in someone from outside. Are you prepared if someone in leadership leaves? Do you have the important succession planning steps in place? Are you ready to develop, train and promote staff?

Who Should Attend: Executives (President, CEO, CAO), HR Professionals

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Cannabis Banking: Fine-Tuning Your Risk Assessment

Today, some form of medical or recreational marijuana is legal in 35 states, and the U.S. legal market is projected to be worth upward of $33 billion by 2025. As the pandemic continues to put pressure on bank earnings, cannabis businesses can be a valuable source of non-interest income in the current environment – and low-cost deposits when the economy rebounds.

This webinar, led by Tony Repanich, Chief Operating Officer of Shield Compliance, will focus on how banks can assess and manage cannabis banking risk. Tony will be joined by cannabis banking experts Deirdra O’Gorman, CEO of DX Consulting, Dante Tosetti, Special Adviser for West Coast AML Services, and Ruth Razook, founder of RLR Management Consulting.

While a few pioneering bankers have embraced the fast-growing cannabis industry, now is the time for Western bankers to deepen their knowledge of this opportunity, grow their portfolios, and gain an early mover advantage on new relationships.

Who Should Attend: CEO, COO, Chief Banking Officer, Compliance Professionals, Board Members, Risk Professionals, BSA/AML Officer

Credit & Lending

How to Build and Maintain a Strong Credit Culture

Investors and regulators, clients and customers, employees and stakeholders all have vested interests in your organization’s credit culture. Is it conservative or aggressive, profit-minded or production-oriented?  The market puts a higher capitalization on organizations with strong credit cultures and high credit quality, so it is worth your while to identify your current culture and find out how to make it stronger.
The optimal culture is led by management that prioritizes credit quality and says so regularly. Lenders and credit approvers work together; there are few credit policy and loan documentation exceptions.  Risk appetite and risk tolerance are in balance as the organization executes its credit strategy.  Credit policy, processes, and procedures are in sync. This session will describe and explain the key elements needed to build, implement, and maintain this strong, optimal culture.

Who Should Attend: CEO, President, All Credit Professionals, Loan Review Officers, All Lending Professionals, Bank Director, Board Chairman

Credit & Lending

Credit Analysis Basics

Attend this proactive webinar and learn how banks make lending decisions based on the five (5) C’s of credit- capacity, capital, collateral, conditions, and character! The webinar will cover the basics of the three (3) main areas of bank lending- consumer, mortgage, and commercial lending. Each of the three areas will be illustrated with real life “case studies.” The attendee will also be exposed to loan structure, loan support, and documentation issues and how they are an intricate part of the lending process. Additionally, the basics of loan compliance will be provided including Reg B, Reg Z, TRID, BSA, and Fair Credit Reporting.

Who Should Attend: Credit Analysts, Loan Assistants, Consumer Loan Officers, Residential Loan Officers, Relationship Managers, Loan Documentation Specialists, Branch Managers, Private Bankers, and Business Development Officers